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Warm Wax

Warm wax is applied with a spatula in the direction of the hair and removed by using either a paper or fabric strip.


Hot Wax

Hot wax is a much thicker wax almost like treacle that is applied with a spatula and worked with and against the hair growth. It is left to harden and then removed.

All waxing must be carried out 24 hours before any tanning treatment. Whilst we are happy to treat clients under the age of 16, we do need to have a parent or guardian present.


 Permanent Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of hair growing in places you would rather not have it, we now have the answer. Our new laser hair removal equipment can permanently solve your problem hair growth  areas. By having laser treatment you can precisely target certain areas so that the hair follicle is unable to grow new hair after treatment. As the hair follicles are rendered useless, pore sizes also constrict leaving you with smooth skin after treatment. The hair follicles are destroyed by the energy from the laser being absorbed into the pigment in the hair follicle - thus making it incapable of new hair growth. As you hair grows in cycles from different follicles, multiple sessions are required to disable all the hair follicles in a certain spot . This is a really effective and efficient way to solve hair growth which may be embarrassing and time consuming to conceal or remove. 

Book a 30 minute consultation first (£35 but this is deducted from your first treatment) and come in to discuss your requirements and we’ll talk you through the process. If you purchase a course of 5 treatments you will receive one treatment free . This package cannot be booked online but can be booked with your therapist directly after your consultation.