Perfect brows all day everyday


Perfectly shaped eyebrows aren’t an easy feat—over plucked or mismatched, getting well defined eyebrows that are fuller and shaped for your face make a huge difference to your appearance.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you've probably heard of microblading, the new-ish, semi-permanent version of eyebrow tattoos. It’s all over social media, it’s all over TV with global beauty brands L’Oréal and Maybelline getting in on the act with their Tattoo pens. They're not your grandma's stamped-on brows; instead, they use delicate, super-fine hair strokes for a natural, realistic hair-like appearance (it doesn’t increase hair count or add thickness to thinning hair) that can give you the best eyebrows for your face shape. 

Don’t let the word “tattoo” fool you into thinking it’s permanent. Unlike regular tattooing, the ink from microblading fades away with time because the needles don’t penetrate the skin as deeply. By reaching only the superficial layers of the skin it means it’s semi-permanent lasting from one to three years, with the average being around 18 months. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique using a super-fine pen (technically, a bundle of 12 to 15 tiny needles) to deposit pigment into skin. The tip is so fine, it can create sharp and beautiful hair strokes that concealed by surrounding hairs will look natural. Like a paper cut, anaesthetic creams mean the pain is no worse than getting your eyebrows plucked. 


Three Step process

Microblading is a simple three step process; the initial appointment includes a consultation to look at the natural brow shape and colour, your eyebrow preference (thick or thin, arched or subtle) and a patch test. The microblading session will commence on your second appointment, the eyebrows are drawn on based on the style you require, your facial symmetry, shape, and if you’re happy with the results after a look in the mirror, the tattooing will commence. The actual microblading typically takes no longer than 45 minutes to an hour and once your new brows are complete, you’ll return for a perfecting session (fine tuning the colour or strokes) five weeks later.  

Don’t try to find the best deal

Any tattoo, whether artistic or cosmetic, requires skill with the needles in use. Poor ability to use these tools increases the risk of scarring, migration of the tattoo, and excessive trauma to the skin. Choose experience, do your research and ask questions. 

The good eyebrows, people don’t notice, if well done, they are indistinguishable from natural brows.