Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to clients on our waiting list we kindly ask you to give us at least 24hrs notice for any amendments or cancellations of your booking. A 50% cancellation fee will become payable for less than 24hrs notice and 100% if cancelled on the day.


All new clients will be required to fill in a consultation card. This information is completely confidential and is covered by the Data Protection Act.

Mobile Phones

For the comfort of other clients we request that you either switch off or put your mobile phone onto silent.

Medical Information

Please make us aware of any relevant information at the time of booking as some treatments may be unsuitable or require adjusting. If you have any past or present cancers, we require a written letter from your doctor. Our policy is based on the health and wellbeing of our clients. The aim is to protect our clients from any unforeseen reactions during and following their treatments. We also feel strongly that our therapists are not medically trained to make a decision on whether it is safe to treat clients with cancer. If you have NOT received radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the past 3 years and you are not on any medication and have been given the all clear you are able to have any treatment with us.



Within your 1st tri-mester only maintenance treatments are suitable. Thereafter we recommend you experience our mother to be treatments.

Arrival Time

To ensure you receive the full treatment time we recommend you arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment. This will give you time to fill in your consultation form and relax. We understand that things can happen on the day to cause you to run late but as we run on an appointment basis it is necessary for us to finish your appointment on time so that we do not run into the next clients appointment. If you were more than 15 minutes your appointment will be treated as a cancelation.

Treatment Duration

All times quoted include consultation preparation time, treatment and vacation of the room.

Treatments and Prices

Changes may be made without prior notice.


All monies paid for courses are non-refundable although the balance maybe transferred to other treatments.



Choosing your Treatment

If you are still unsure about which treatments to choose or would like more detailed information
we will be more than happy to help.