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If you suffer from hypersensitive skin with redness, or extremely dry skin, or if you have pigmentation issues, we can help. Perhaps you have acne and scarring and it is affecting your confidence or maybe your skin is tired, stressed and dull; we have affordable solutions.

A customisable facial treatment designed to help deep cleanse, hydrate and enliven the skin. This facial aims to increase cell renewal whilst improving your skin’s tone, clarity and overall health. The elimination of impurities and excess oils as well as gentle exfoliation leaves the skin fresh and glowing.



If you’re looking for fresh, smooth skin this invigorating face gel mask will give you the results you are after. This treatment is targeted at brightening dull and uneven skin tone, helping to restore elasticity and firmness by adding an instant glow. This facial uses an extraordinary gel mask with stinging nettle extracts to help stimulate circulation. By increasing the skins supply of nutrients and oxygen, the skins capacity to absorb moisture is enhanced, resulting in healthy, rejuvenated skin.





Using the latest scientific discoveries and the highest quality ingredients Janssen Cosmetic Platinum Care can stimulate the production of the 6 key building blocks of your skin, visibly reduce your lines and wrinkles, tighten the facial contours and deliver a youthful radiance to your skin.

  • Cleansing with new stem cell and anti-oxidant balm - To thoroughly cleanse and deliver high quality ingredients.

  • Exfoliate with skin refining enzyme peel – entire face, neck and decollate are treated to remove layers of dry and dead skin, unblock pores and smooth.

  • Eye Flash ampoule with Matixyl 3000 and Hyaluronic acid – to regenerate, smooth and hydrate your delicate eye area.

  • Effect Serum – relaxes facial muscles within an hour of application effectively reduces lines and wrinkles.

  • 30 Minute Luxurious massage over your Face, Neck and Decollate with the highest quality ingredients in the Platinum Care Series proven to regenerate Rapidly.

  • New Biocelleulose Mask – with steam cells and anti-oxidants to deeply hydrate, smooth and deliver youthful radiance.

  • Collagen Eye Mask – To smooth and brighten the delicate eye area.

  • Firming Neck and Decollate treatment – To smooth prematurely aged and sun damaged skin across the decollate.

  • Platinum Eye Care – Delivers visible results regenerating elasticity and reducing fatigue around the eyes.

  • Face Guard Advanced – To protect your skin from UVA, UVB and Infrared damage.

  • Platinum Day Cream – To leave your skin looking and feeling totally divine.




This new intensive exfoliation system of 8 treatments over 4 weeks is fantastic for clients with scarring, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, lack of elasticity, blemishes and tired, pale complexions. It is safe, comfortable, affordable and quick with the sessions taking less than 30 minutes each time.


A FREE thorough consultation to evaluate your suitability/ sensitivity to the treatment and includes a patch test with 40% Fruit Acids.
This also covers your pre and post care needs. This is performed at least a week before you wish to start treatments

  • Deep Cleansing - With Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Fruit Acids

  • Application % Fruit Acid for your skin’s needs as determined in the consultation

  • Application of neutralizer

  • Short massage with soothing desensitizing intensive serum to calm and protect

  • Application of soothing eye treatment serum • Application of UVA and UVB filters


Janssen Lifting Facial Massage

This facial uses deep drainage massage techniques along with acupressure points to increase blood and lymph flow to help detox the skin. This type of massage helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin and prevents blockages and also reduces any puffiness. By improving circulation to the skin, cell regeneration is promoted, this is particularly helpful to stop new scar tissue forming, and is good for those suffering with acne. This facial is perfect for giving the face a brighter, more luminous, lifted and plumper appearance. We recommend having this treatment every two weeks to see the best results.